The year-round sunshine, lovely beaches and natural beauty of the area that is now Boynton Beach caught the eye of former Civil War major, Nathan Boynton. He moved to the area in 1894 and built the famous Boynton Hotel. Boynton brought with him new settlers whom soon discovered for themselves the many benefits of the area’s warm, fertile climate and began growing citrus fruits, mangoes, pineapples and tomatoes by the ton and shipping them cross country on the Florida East Coast Railroad.


A few years later in September of 1898 the town was officially named the Town of Boynton and in 1920 was incorporated. The city was not called Boynton Beach until 1941, after the community that would later be called Ocean Ridge split from the town of Boynton.


Boynton Beach continued to grow throughout the 20th century, seeing the town’s first planned subdivision, the addition of numerous housing developments and the founding of many dairies.


In October of 2005, Hurricane Wilma Struck Boynton Beach, wreaking havoc on homes and businesses throughout the city. In the years since, Boynton has worked to recover and grow. Recent years have seen a high rate of residential growth for residents of all ages and the city continues to impress with its beautiful beaches, lovely weather, waterfront dining, abundant shopping and exciting entertainment.